Technical support for RES policy development and implementation: delivering on an increased ambition through energy system integration

A consortium led by Trinomics and including E3M, LBST and Artelys supported the European Commission, DG ENERGY with the preparation of the Impact Assessment supporting the revision of the Renewable Energy directive. The review of the renewable energy targets is one of the key initiatives of the European Green Deal, as renewable energy is one of the main pillar contributing to increase the EU greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction for 2030 to at least 55% compared to 1990.

The project team provided a qualitative and modelled assessment of several options across 8 thematic areas: overall renewable targets; system integration; heating and cooling; renewable electricity; transport; buildings; industry; and bioenergy.

Key tasks were:

  • Mapping of relevant EU-ETS rules and assess when these could be followed in the national tax and when not;
  • Advising on various elements related to the overall system design (e.g., how to deal with electrification);
  • Contributing to the development of a trading scheme for credits (dispensation rights);
  • Providing strategic policy advise on communication with all stakeholders;