Trinomics B.V. is a consultancy firm offering bespoke policy advice related to energy, environment and climate change issues.

We carry out independent research for international, European and national public sector bodies and NGOs, delivering high quality research to tackle some of the most pressing societal issues of our times. Our analytical approach takes place through an economic lens, providing our clients with a solid foundation to base their strategies and policies upon. As such, we pride ourselves on delivering clear, concise and accessible reports to facilitate the transition to a sustainable future.

Our vision:
We want to have a positive impact in shaping a climate neutral, circular and sustainable society in the short, medium and long term through policy advice to mainly public clients.


Our mission:
With our passionate and knowledgeable team, we prepare (strategic) studies in order to support mainly public clients in their policy development and decision making for the transition to a sustainable future. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a climate neutral, circular and sustainable society by helping public clients in developing strategies, legislation and impact assessments. We want to drive change, transform public policy and as such make a significant impact on the world

Since our founding in 2012,
people have been the core of Trinomics

Our team of multicultural, interdisciplinary, and highly motivated staff have expertise in a range of topics. Trinomics has grown from 10 people in 2012 to more than 50 people in 2021, highlighting our excellent reputation.

Despite economics forming the basis of our analytical approaches, our staff have backgrounds ranging from energy and environmental science, to law, geology and political science. This gives our team a distinctive advantage in approaching challenges in a holistic manner. Our expertise is further complemented extensive expert network, enabling us to offer a local presence around the globe.

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In 2021, Trinomics further extended their scope of work through a partnership with the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN). This partnership has formed the ACEN Foundation, with the objective to accelerate the just transition to an inclusive, circular and sustainable economy in Africa.

The main focus of activities under the Foundation will be to implement effective capacity building throughout sectors of the African economy, in addition to enhancing knowledge sharing between different stakeholder groups.

For further information on the type of work we deliver, please visit the pages of our Energy, Environment and Climate teams.