Andrea Demurtas is a Senior Consultant at Trinomics.

Andrea is a senior consultant at Trinomics with a background in economics (BA) and environment & sustainable development (MSc). He has worked on energy since 2011, covering a number of roles as a consultant and in the UK public sector. Andrea joined Trinomics in 2020, after two years at Ofgem (UK electricity and gas market regulator). Previously, Andrea worked as a value for money auditor for the UK National Audit Office and as a consultant.

Andrea is an economist with experience in modelling, policy design, policy evaluation and economic analysis. Interests include buildings’ energy efficiency; renewable energy; energy market regulation; electricity and gas networks; network tariffs; renewable energy; nuclear policy and nuclear decommissioning; sustainable transport and fuel efficiency. Andrea has successfully managed or contributed to many projects for clients such as the European Commission, various national governments and a range of private sector organisations.

"We do not do this job because it is easy. Nor we do it because it is hard. We do it because we must act, and we must act now."
  • Energy
  • Renewable and low-carbon energy
  • Environmental economics & policies
  • Energy efficiency

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