• Client:  EC – DG REFORM
  • Implementation period: December, 2021 - June, 2023 (Ongoing)
  • Geographic coverage: Belgium

What will be the future needs for green skills in Flanders?

Building on the momentum for the urgent need of a skills transition in Flanders, the European Commission-DG REFORM commissioned Trinomics for conducting a study to develop an actionable Green Skills roadmap.


The project supports Flanders in the development of a high-level strategy together with an implementation roadmap and a governance framework to guide and support the green skills transition. The major opportunities to overcome the main skills bottle necks holding back the green economy transition in Flanders will be identified. Particular attention will be given to the social effect on citizens and vulnerable groups, to ensure that no one is left behind in the economic transition. Moreover, the roadmap will be tailored to the needs of different economic sectors. The main beneficiary of the contract is the Flemish Department of Work and Social Economy.

The key objectives of the project are to provide the Flemish authorities with:

  1. A good understanding of the green skills needs and gaps within the Flemish economy and the gaps in the green transition on the labour market;
  2. A high level strategy for guiding the green skills transition in the Flemish economy and the organisational structure surrounding it; and
  3. A clear implementation roadmap with concrete steps to take for all stakeholders and a governance framework to coordinate the different actors in their efforts to ensure the relevant skills provision and transformation to support the green transition.

The project is conducted by Trinomics (lead) in collaboration with Ockham IPS. The project will run from December 2021 until June 2023.