Impact assessment study on European institutionalised partnerships under Horizon Europe

This project was an impact assessment of 13 potential institutionalised European research partnerships across different research fields under Horizon Europe. The project was led by Technopolis Group and Trinomics led the impact assessment for the Clean Hydrogen partnership (1 of the 13). The work assessed the costs and benefits of hydrogen’s entry into the EU’s power, industry, and transport sectors, and the different options for organisational arrangements for EU research funding for hydrogen from 2024 onwards. The assessment focused on considering potential adaptations of the current Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU) model into either a co-programmed or institutionalised partnership, it also considered a base case of research calls under Horizon Europe. The study assessed which of these options would provide the most effective, efficient and strategic approach to managing EC contributions and pushing forward the EU hydrogen sector and deployment as a whole.