What have been the main environmental impacts of the Trade Agreement between the EU and its Member States and Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador?

The evaluation study will support the European Commission – DG Trade in developing an ex-post evaluation of the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the EU and its Member states and Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. The assessment will consider the impacts of the agreement of sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions, as well as on human rights including labour rights. The study supports the increased focus of the EU on trade agreement implementation and enforcement considering European interests, as well as the role of trade in promoting values of democracy, the rule of law, the defence of human rights, social and gender equity, and environmental protection.

Trinomics has teamed up with BKP for this study. Our contribution will be focused on the assessment of the environmental impacts of the FTA.

This investigation provided the following preliminary results:

  • Contribute to the identification of sectors and groups whose environmental dimensions have been positively or negatively affected as a result of the implementation of the Agreement; and analyse the reasons for such effects;
  • Perform a quantitative assessment on the impacts of the FTA on GHG emissions and air pollution in the EU, Colombia, and Peru;
  • Perform a qualitative assessment on the impacts of the FTA on various environmental impact areas, focussing on those impact areas which are not assessed in the quantitative analysis. Depending on data availability, trends, developments and cause-effect relations between the FTA and the environment will be identified;
  • Contribute to the identification and conduct of an in-depth analysis of key case studies that reflect the environmental impacts assessed.