What is the potential of electricity demand response in the EU?

The aim of this assignment was to prepare a workshop on “The potential of electricity demand response”, offering a balanced picture of relevant views and opinions of professionals which described and represented a geographical balance within the EU. This workshop was useful to review the potential and barriers for demand response in the EU, and to identify and evaluate legislative initiatives that could be taken at EU level in order to help developing demand response in the most cost-efficient way. In particular, the workshop presentation and proceedings support the ITRE members in their evaluation of the related legislative proposals in the “Clean Energy for All Europeans package”.

The workshop took place at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels, on 30 May 2017. It was chaired by Mr. Jaromir KOHLÍČEK, Vice-Chair of ITRE. In his introduction, he highlighted the important potential contribution of demand response to balance the European electricity system. The workshop consisted of presentations by five high-level speakers, discussing a range of different topic categories within the subject of electricity demand response. The workshop summary was also published on the European Parliament website.

The following services were provided by Trinomics:

  • Selection of the speakers;
  • Organisational and logistical support for preparing the event;
  • Producing pre and post workshop press-releases;
  • Producing detailed Workshop Proceedings Report.