In this study, Trinomics supported the European Commission, in partnership with Guidehouse, Ricardo and Öko-Institut, with the revision and impact assessment of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) in order to achieve the goals set out in the Renovation Wave Strategy, in line with the European Green Deal.


This study specifically provides the analytical base and gather evidence to support the choice of relevant policy options, such as:

1) The introduction of mandatory minimum energy performance standards (MEPS);
2) Improving information tools for citizens and reinforcing EPC databases and other tools for better compliance and more effective design of building renovation programmes;
3) Promoting the decarbonisation of (groups of) buildings;
4) Financing – support to unlock public and private investment into building renovation, and reinforced, accessible and more targeted funding supported by technical assistance;
5) Promoting smartness in buildings and the wider modernisation of the EU building stock;
6) Improving skills and training to ensure market readiness for building renovation and the modernisation of national building stocks in the construction sector;
7) Ensuring that public buildings and social infrastructure lead the way for a sustainable and climate neutral built environment.