Second opinion business case Bommelerwaard

The horticulture industry in the Bommelerwaard region aims to become a carbon neutral business. For realising this, they need to decarbonise their electricity and heat supply as well as the supply of CO2 for increasing the CO2 concentration in their greenhouses. The construction of a CO2 grid in the region is considered an important first step for realising this ambition as it facilitates efficient delivery of CO2 from external sources (e.g. the industry in the Rotterdam port area).

The business case for constructing this grid was not commercially feasible and the involved parties (the horticulture industry and the CO2 supplier) approached the Province of Gelderland for a subsidy. Trinomics was contracted to provide a second opinion on this subsidy request and the underlying business case. The second opinion involved a review of the commercial parameters and the CO2 benefit calculation and led to the conclusion that this initiative was an attractive opportunity for the Province, in terms of CO2 emission reductions per Euro invested.