The overall objective of this study is to support the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (AT) and the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) to enhance their capacity in the use of economic estimation tools, and apply these tools to design and assess an environmental tax reform focused on resource use and pollution. This work involves 1) the enhancement of the QUEST macroeconomic model and capacity building of APA and AT, 2) the assessment of the 2014 green tax reform using QUEST and other data, 3) the identification and description of successful examples of green taxes in the relevant policy areas in the EU, 4) the assessment of different tax/charge options for Portugal focusing on resource use and pollution, and 5) the development of an strategic action plan and roadmap for the implementation of the recommended policy option.

The studi is led by Trinomics in partnership with the NOVA University School of Business and Economics and the School of Science and Technology.