• Client:  Stichting DOEN
  • Implementation period: March, 2013 - June, 2013 (Completed)
  • Geographic coverage: The Netherlands

100% Clean Energy: the business model of Qurrent

Qurrent is a daughter company of Stichting DOEN, self-proclaimed as ‘Energy company of the future’. It delivers green energy at cost price and helps customers save energy and generate their own energy. The project analyses how Qurrent can successfully increase its influence on the Dutch sustainable energy market and speed up the transition towards sustainable energy.

The project analyses the current market for local energy savings and renewable energy in The Netherlands, and the role of Qurrent’s activities in this market. This is followed by an explanation of how Qurrent can position itself in the market and how its strategy should evolve to ensure the largest impact on increasing the share of sustainable energy consumption.

There are many new energy initiatives in The Netherlands. Source: Schwencke (2012)

Key findings of the research can be summarised as follows:

  • Qurrent has the potential to become a successful player in the sustainable energy market. It is based on a good concept, it is independent of existing players, has access to sufficient funds (provided by DOEN) and has the support of a powerful marketing partner (NPL).
  • Qurrent can boost the sustainable energy transition and even help the local government to achieve its sustainability goals if they maintain sharp focus, good communication skills, and make clear choices.