What is the business case for different renewable energy options for the Dutch industry?

As part of a large and comprehensive analysis of the Dutch energy system by TNO, ECN and the Copernicus Institute (University of Utrecht), Trinomics staff studied the business case (earning potential) of renewable energy options that originate from Dutch businesses that are distinguished internationally and that have a healthy growth potential for the coming 10-15 years.

On the basis of a review of market size, competition, supply and value chain integration, Trinomics concluded that the following four products and services have the highest earning potential for Dutch (energy) industries:

  1. Bio-based fuels
  2. Energy-efficiency in the built environment
  3. Offshore wind energy
  4. Solar-PV

The sectors hydrogen, solar-thermal, geo-thermal and industrial waste heat were assessed to be least promising to capitalize on for the Dutch energy industry.