• Client:  EC - DG Climate Action (CLIMA)
  • Implementation period: March, 2020 - December, 2020 (Completed)
  • Geographic coverage: European Union, Global

This project was conducted to support the EU’s 2030 emission reduction target and the goal of climate-neutrality by 2050. In the process leading up to the revision of the GHG emission reduction target from 40% to 55%, the Commission needed to review and propose revisions to relevant climate-related policy instruments. This includes a possible extension of the EU Emissions Trading System to new sectors, Member State targets to reduce emissions in sectors outside the ETS, and the regulation on land use, land use change and forestry.

The objective of this assignment and role of Trinomics was to provide support to the Commission in conducting Open Public Consultations (OPCs) around two key elements of the Green Deal: plans to increase the 2030 GHG reduction target and implementation of a European Climate Pact. Key aims were to ensure the two OPCs are effective and provide a strong and representative base of evidence and opinion to feed into the development of both GHG emission reduction targets and the Climate Pact.