Preparing El Salvador for (international) climate finance: development of a monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) system

The Paris Climate Agreement saw the establishment of a new multilateral source of finance for projects directed at mitigating and adopting to climate change in developing countries: the Green Climate Fund (GCF). In the framework of the ‘GCF Readiness Programme’, formed subsequent to the fund’s creation by UNDP and UNEP, institutions of developing countries are receiving technical assistance and capacity training to facilitate access to the GCF’s financial support.

Between February and June of 2018, Trinomics (lead), together with Gauss International, is preparing a proposal for a national monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) system of climate finance to the El Salvadorian government. This project is a direct follow-up to, and is thematically a part of, the assignment to draft the ‘National Approach and Architecture for Climate Finance in El Salvador’, which was delivered by Trinomics in April 2018.

The three key objectives of the project were:

  • Status quo analysis and initial diagnostic: establishment of an MRV baseline for climate finance;
  • Proposal for a climate finance MRV system: presentation of a first draft lining out the development of the proposal and its governance;
  • Fixation of the climate finance MRV system and implementation roadmap.