How can Cambodia assess environmental impacts of new trade agreements?

Cambodia is currently exploring the potential of bilateral (preferential or free) trade and investment agreements. At this stage, there is no full analytical framework in place in Cambodia to perform assessments around trade deals (e.g., ex ante impact assessments, evaluations etc.). Trinomics, together with lead partner BKP Economic advisors, prepared and hosted a 3-day workshop with around 100 participants per day with the ultimate goal to develop an analytical framework in Cambodia for (sustainability) trade impact assessments. BKP Economic advisors was in charge of the sessions on the economics of trade deals. Trinomics was responsible for developing the environmental analytical framework. The human rights and social impacts were discussed (in less detail) by both parties. The workshop resulted in awareness of the analytical options (and the corresponding required technical expertise) to assess the impacts of trade deals.

Key tasks were:

  • Mapping of relevant EU-ETS rules and assess when these could be followed in the national tax and when not;
  • Advising on various elements related to the overall system design (e.g., how to deal with electrification);
  • Contributing to the development of a trading scheme for credits (dispensation rights);
  • Providing strategic policy advise on communication with all stakeholders;