• Client: EC - DG Environment
  • Implementation period: 2019 - 2016 (Ongoing)
  • Geographic coverage: European Union

Can we step up our game to combat deforestation and forest degradation?

The project focuses on the analysis of the responses to the open public consultation (OPC) on deforestation and forest degradation, launched by the European Commission (DG ENV) on January 14th 2019 and closed on February 25th 2019. All interested stakeholders were welcome to provide their input on how to better implement and communicate actions already taken by the EU, how to mainstream forestry protection throughout EU policies, how to better understand the perceived role of forests and deforestation problems and how to promote sustainable and transparent supply chains, amongst others. The results, which included more than 950 responses, 97 file attachments and more than 200 Roadmap responses are being analysed both quantitatively (including a correlation analysis) and qualitatively. The project is being led by Trinomics, in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research and Technopolis Group, and will terminate in May 2019.

The key objectives of the project are to:

  • Quantitatively and qualitatively analyse and synthesise (including a correlation analysis) the responses to the open public consultation (OPC);
  • Analyse and synthesise the attachments to the OPC submitted by respondents;
  • Provide policy recommendations and conclusions for future EU action.