How to measure progress on NDC commitments under the Paris Agreement?

The overall goal of this assignment is to assist the Government of Montenegro, in particular the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (MSDT), in mainstreaming and integrating climate change considerations into national and sectorial development policies. There are a large number of stakeholders that are essential for implementing national actions. These national climate actions will be directly driven by climate commitments or have significant climate impacts. The MRV system (designed by this project) will help to provide sufficient information to drive Montenegro’s climate agenda forward and monitor its progress in the broader context of its sustainable development priorities. The MRV system will ensure that information and crucial evidence is available to inform key decision making on actions in the mainstreaming activities. The consulting team’s approach (engagement process, training and system tools) aims to ensure that there is quality and continuity to these information flows. It will ensure the institutional and technical memory and capacity is developed and retained to deliver sufficiently reliable evidence to decision makers

The project is conducted by Trinomics in collaboration with Aether Ltd (lead) and CAOS. The project will run from November 2017 and will finish by the end of 2018. Trinomics’ role is focused on leading and providing expert support on climate finance tracking and MRV.