How do EU countries compare in terms of their performance regarding eco-innovation and the circular economy?

The main objective of this project, led by Technopolis group, was to improve upon and implement new approaches to guide, monitor and assess policies deployed in support of eco-innovation and the transition to a circular economy.

The key outputs of the project were:

  • An updated Eco-Innovation Scoreboard showing the relative performance of Member States on a composite index measuring different aspects of eco-innovation and progress towards the circular economy, and
  • A series of individual country profiles analysing performance, trends and policy developments related to eco-innovation and the circular economy in each Member State.

The Eco-Innovation Scoreboard for 2015 demonstrates the eco-innovation performance of a country compared with the EU average based on 16 indicators aggregated into five components: eco-innovation inputs, activities and outputs, and environmental and socio-economic outcomes. The highest-ranking Member States in 2015 are Denmark, Finland, and Ireland, while the lowest scores on the composite index were obtained by Bulgaria, Poland and Cyprus. The Eco-Innovation Scoreboard as well as country profiles can be accessed here on the Commission’s website.