• Theme:  Environment
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  • Experts:  Lisa Eichler

How can the methodology to report on annual emissions caused by solvents and non-ferrous metals be improved?

The project aimed to gather the latest available information on emission inventory methodologies with regard to solvents and non-ferrous metals in the EMEP/EEA Guidebook, in order to update the methodologies in the Guidebook. The study used a mixed approach, consisting of desk research (literature review, review of information made available from industry and the revised ‘Best available techniques REFerence document: BREF’) and a workshop with stakeholders (i.e. the industry representatives from the European Solvents Industry Group – ESIG – and representatives from national inventory teams in selected countries).

The selected chapters were reviewed in full, including the:

  • Source descriptions,
  • Technologies and abatement options,
  • Emission estimation methodologies, and
  • Emission factors.

The updated EMEP/EEA guidebook is can be found here.