Francesca L. Falco is an expert consultant at Trinomics.

Francesca Falco is a policy consultant with extensive expertise in EU environmental and energy policies.
Prior to joining Trinomics, Francesca practiced as a corporate lawyer for several years, which fostered her deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved in aligning economic activities with the conservation of our planet’s limited resources.
Francesca holds an LLM and a MA in Environmental Studies, and she conducted a PhD on the spatial implementation of the EU CAP and its effects on biodiversity, integrating legal analysis, econometric policy evaluation, and GIS data analysis.
At Trinomics, Francesca applies a diverse range of qualitative and quantitative methods and tools to provide expert advice on various environmental and energy topics. Her areas of specialization include nature restoration and biodiversity, land use and agriculture and spatial planning for renewable energy regulation.
Francesca is a fluent Italian, English and French speaker.

  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Nature and biodiversity
  • Environmental economics & policies
  • Energy policy, regulation and markets

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