Managing Director

“In life you should enjoy your work and your working environment, if you don’t, it’s time for a change.”


“I want to contribute to a world where all humans can thrive without damaging the natural environment.”

Senior consultant

“At Trinomics we are making our own contribution to a more sustainable future – this inspires me each day.”

“Working with such a great team on current energy challenges is what motivates me every day.”

|Associate Consultant

“Contributing to environmental and social outcomes using economic tools.”

Senior Consultant

“Improving energy efficiency is a great option for improving our environment and our economy.”

Cluster Leader, Senior Consultant

“I believe in a sustainable path fostered by energy efficiency and renewable energies.”


“I am happy to contribute to policies that enable climate action in a down to earth working environment.”

Senior Consultant

“I feel so fortunate to dedicate my professional activity to what matters most to the generations to come, at a scale sufficient to make an impact – with so many competent, supportive and cheerful colleagues!”

Senior Consultant

“Rooted in progressive values, guided by science, driven by a sense of urgency.”