Final report on the efficient functioning of waste markets for DG Environment, European Commission, published!

Report: waste_market_study (11 MB)

Report: waste_market_study (11 MB) On July 13, 2016 the European Commission has published its final report on the efficient functioning of waste markets in the European Union – legislative and policy options. This report, prepared by ARCADIS (lead partner) and Trinomics, provides a better understanding of the nature and extent of obstacles and regulatory failures affecting…


SCOT final conference on CO2 re-use

For the last three years, Trinomics has been part of the SCOT (Smart CO<sub>2</sub> Transformation) consortium, a collaborative European project in the area of CO<sub>2</sub> re-use. CO<sub>2</sub> re-use is a broad term that covers a variety of innovative industrial processes which use CO<sub>2</sub> from point source emitters (and in the future from direct air capture) as…


EEA report on ‘Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016’ published today stresses the benefits of investing in long-term preventive measures that cities should take to improve their resilience

Report: Urban adaptation report (18 MB)

Report: Urban adaptation report (18 MB) The new EEA report on ‘Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016 — Transforming cities in a changing climate’ builds on and complements existing products and initiatives on urban adaptation in Europe, among others the case study reports prepared by Trinomics on developing urban case studies on synergies between…


Report on Supporting the implementation of Green Infrastructure across Europe

Led by Trinomics, in collaboration with Alterra, Arcadis, Risk & Policy Analysis, Stella Consulting, and the Regional Environmental Centre, the team has supported the European Commission (DG Environment) over the past 1 ½ years in the implementation of the European Green Infrastructure Strategy. The service contract aimed to ensure a more effective promotion of GI…


Trinomics mapped climate finance in Belgium

At the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, 195 countries agreed to limit the global average temperature rise well below 2°C and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C. Moreover, they agreed to make financing flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and climate resilient development. Achieving such reductions…


Report on Energy Poverty Indicators

Energy poverty is a raising policy issue across the EU. To understand the extent and depth of the problem of affordability of energy services better indicators are needed. Trinomics, together with UCL and SEVEn has carried out an assignment for DG Energy on “Selecting Indicators to Measure Energy Poverty”. The report recommends four key indicators to…


CLAiR-City project, the largest citizen-led air-quality project ever in Europe, to kick off on May 25th in Bristol

A consortium of universities and research institutions, led by Trinomics from The Netherlands, has won a €6,7 million EU funded project to actively engage European citizens in 6 countries to research their personal impact on air quality and CO2 emissions in their cities. The project will use innovate tools like specially made apps and games…


The Fossil Dilemma of Rotterdam

Report: Fossildilemma (2 MB)

Report: Fossildilemma (2 MB) Trinomics works for TNO on a series of policy briefing papers on Dutch energy policy. In this series, a new paper has been published: ‘The Fossil Dilemma of Rotterdam’ (in Dutch). The paper discusses the greening strategy of Rotterdam harbor, the largest fossil fuel hub of Northwestern Europe. Its present strategy…