Financing the energy transition

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The energy transition will require significant investments in low-carbon technologies and infrastructure. Attracting investors to finance low carbon energy projects is an essential challenge and will require actively developing policies that address barriers, reduce and fairly allocate risks and offer competitive returns. Our experience in finance and economics enables us to identify barriers to investment and design policies and financial instruments that address these barriers effectively. 

Recent examples of our work include the studies on the ‘Macroeconomics of the Energy Union’ and ‘Impact of government interventions on investments in the energy sector’. Both studies analyse the financing needs, barriers and influence of policies and regulation, thereby informing effective policy development to stimulate future investments at the required scale. Other examples of our work include a project to stimulate investments in innovative energy ventures and several assessments of business cases for concrete investment opportunities which require subsidies. 

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Koen Rademaekers
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Recent projects on financing the energy transition