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Koen Rademaekers
Managing Director

The global energy landscape is rapidly changing, which has an impact on energy markets and energy infrastructure. Climate change and changes in the geopolitical landscape call for a radical shift to low-carbon energy sources, deployment of energy efficiency improvements and innovative decarbonisation solutions such as carbon capture and storage. Policymakers at all governance levels face the need to develop policies to push and steer the required energy transition in the right direction. The economicsbased tools mastered by our team, allow us to, for example, develop indicators to track and evaluate progress of energy policy implementation, but also to conduct sector and value chain analyses of renewable energy technologies. 

Trinomics is very well-acquainted with the European energy policy framework and has extensive experience in providing policy advice to public sector institutions. Our work covers the design, evaluation and implementation of public energy policy, including work to assess potential or historical impacts. 

Recent projects in the field of energy