We use
  • Policy research and regulatory assessments

  • Cost-benefit and financial analyses

  • Ex-ante & ex-post evaluations

  • Industry dialogues and stakeholder consultations

  • Impact Assessments

  • Capacity building and technical assistance

to develop sustainable solutions in

We specialise in providing research, advice and solutions surrounding the topics of climate change, energy and environment for a wide variety of (semi-)public clients. The unique strength of our highly-qualified team of professionals is using economics (theories, principles, models and tools) as the starting point for the analyses that we conduct in these topic areas, which allows us to bring private-sector interests and societal goals closer together. We master a variety of research and consultancy tools that we combine and adjust for each of our client’s unique projects with the ultimate aim of providing recommendations and solutions based on new insights and information. We have developed particular expertise in communicating the societal impact of (foreseen) changes in policy and improving the design of existing policies by means of evaluations. Weighing off societal benefits and costs of investments for green projects (relating to energy, environment and climate change) in Cost-Benefit-Analyses and business-case analyses is in our DNA. We also leverage our state-of-the-art knowledge in energy, environment and climate change to provide technical assistance and build capacity for international clients and donors.