Our energy landscape is rapidly changing. Climate change, geo-politics, and depleting resources force us to consider alternative energy sources and energy efficiency improvements. Policy makers at all levels face the challenge of developing policies to push and steer the required transition in the right direction. Trinomics are passionate about assisting policy makers in this challenge.

The energy expertise of Trinomics is mainly concentrated in the following areas:

Energy Efficiency

Improving our energy efficiency is arguably the most important step in moving towards a low carbon energy system. The staff of Trinomics have an extensive track record in designing and evaluating policies that aim to improve energy efficiency, particularly in the built environment and industry, labelling and certification schemes for products and buildings. Trinomics have evaluated energy efficiency policies and assessed the implications of such policies for the competitiveness of EU industry.

Energy Markets

Europe is moving towards a single Internal Energy Market (IEM) for electricity and gas. This requires huge investments in Europe’s energy transport infrastructure. At the same time, an increasing share for close to zero marginal cost renewables is radically changing electricity markets, whilst shale gas exploration might alter the gas market. The role of conventional energy sources such as oil, gas and nuclear is changing accordingly. Trinomics assists policy makers in anticipating these changes in their policy design.

Energy Policy

EU energy strategy has historically been driven by three main pillars: competitiveness, climate and security of supply. However, balancing between these three key objectives and EU and Member States’ policy priorities has proved to be difficult. Trinomics support this balancing effort with cross-cutting and overarching analyses, such as assessment of financial instruments to finance the transition, macroeconomic analysis of energy policies, and reviews of  the coherence of the comprehensive EC energy policy package.

Renewable Energy

The transition from fossil fuels towards renewable energy is at the core of the energy transition. Trinomics has in-depth knowledge of the economics of the various technologies and the implications of high shares of renewables for electricity markets and utility business models. Trinomics’ expertise also includes innovative concepts for the cooperative production and use of renewables and innovative incentives for investments and financing the construction of generating capacity. Trinomics assists in policy making that aims to speed up the uptake and smooth the integration of renewable energy.