Climate Change
Human-induced climate change is a pressing issue that is increasingly affecting our society and economy. Some of its most striking impacts are related to biodiversity loss, agriculture, infrastructure, trade, human health risks and migration. These effects are felt globally but especially by the most vulnerable developing countries mostly due to their lack of adaptive financial and technical capacities but also geographical position and lack of economic and governance resources. The international community has acknowledged this issue and is making increasing efforts to combat climate change and its adverse effects with sound mitigation and adaptation policies.

Trinomics has expertise in:

  • Climate Finance

  • Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

  • Climate Change Mitigation

  • Climate Policy and Strategy

Our energy landscape is rapidly changing. Climate change, geo-politics, and depleting resources force us to consider alternative energy sources and energy efficiency improvements. Policy makers at all levels face the challenge of developing policies to push and steer the required transition in the right direction. Trinomics are passionate about assisting policy makers in this challenge.

Trinomics has expertise in:

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Markets

  • Energy Policy

  • Renewable Energy

Our economy is operating at the limits of what the earth can support. Population growth and emerging economies increase stress on natural resources, biodiversity, and ecosystems. The current trajectory is not sustainable and we need change to achieve a green, resource-efficient and circular economy that stays within the planetary boundaries. Environmental issues are complex, characterised by a multi-disciplinary character and need to be approached from an integrated systems perspective.

Trinomics has expertise in:

  • Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency

  • Green Economy – Green Growth, Green Jobs & Skills

  • Biodiversity and Natural Capital

  • Blue Economy & Blue Growth