Climate Adaptation & Resilience

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  • While climate adaptation and disaster resilience are often connected with developing countries, Trinomics supports clients from developing and developed countries alike with their policy and finance questions around pressing climate adaptation and resilience issues. We help governments and international organisations in particular with their economic and financial assessment of future adaptation needs and/or disaster risk and impacts. Our particular strength resides in knowing both the climate adaptation policy field, as well as the disaster risk reduction world, which often are not yet perfectly aligned.

  • For example, we have calculated the green jobs potential related to climate adaptation in Europe. We also developed a modelling approach for assessing the direct and indirect socio-economic impacts of climate extreme events and researched how climate change outside Europe has trigger on effects on the European economy and society

For more information on climate adaptation & resilience contact:

Matthew Smith
Senior Consultant

Recent projects in the field of climate adaptation & resilience