Biodiversity & natural capital

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  • Trinomics assists public sector clients with economic and finance based assessments of biodiversity, ecosystem service and wider green infrastructure policy questions. Often our work in this field is nourished by our cross-disciplinary approach, linking natural resource management knowledge with disaster risk and resilience expertise for example in order to estimate cost-benefit ratios of green infrastructure solutions for flood management versus their grey alternatives.

  • Other examples of Trinomics’ work in this field is our service contract supporting the European Commission in the implementation of the EU Green Infrastructure Strategy, policy briefings surrounding the post-2010 EU biodiversity strategy and the international CBD meetings as well as a socio-economic impact assessment of possible options to develop a European Green Infrastructure Network (similar to TEN-E and TEN-T).

For more information on biodiversity & natural capital contact:

Laura Baroni
Senior Consultant

Recent projects in the field of biodiversity & natural capital