Our people

People are central in our company. Only with excellent, talented and happy people is our company able to thrive and provide the best services to our clients. Trinomics staff is made up of 17 nationalities and is able to work in 17 languages. It is needed, we believe, to serve international clients where policy transcends national borders and cultures. Even though economics is our starting point, we have skilled staff with backgrounds in energy science, environmental science, geography, law, geology, political science.

Koen Rademaekers

Managing Director

In life you should enjoy your work and your working environment, if you don’t, it’s time for a change.

Rob Williams

Senior Consultant

Improving energy efficiency is a great option for improving our environment and our economy.

Stephan Slingerland

Senior Consultant

I want to identify the factors in society that can lead to a cleaner energy sector in a greener Europe.

Hans Bolscher

Senior Consultant

With dreams in my head, but with two feet on the ground.

Jeroen van der Laan

Senior Consultant and Business Development Manager

I believe we can find sustainable solutions to our large socio-economic challenge.

Katarina Svatikova

Senior Consultant

The fantastic people and meaningful topics is what makes the difference.

Lisa Eichler

Senior Consultant

I love to work at the science-policy interface, delivering workable solutions.

Matthew Smith

Senior consultant

At Trinomics we are making our own contribution to a more sustainable future – this inspires me each day

Jessica Yearwood

Senior Consultant

I believe in a sustainable path fostered by energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Onne Hoogland

Senior Consultant

Solving the energy puzzle to stop climate change.

Elske Veenstra


I want to contribute to a society where sustainability becomes self-evident.

Irati Artola


My work is aligned with my ideals, my passion is to contribute to a radically more sustainable world

Jurgen Vermeulen

Consultant & Business Development Manager

Let’s find market-driven solutions for a transformation to a truly sustainable economy!

Laura Baroni


I love doing research that is both policy-relevant and scientifically sound.

Tycho Smit


I want to contribute to a world where all humans can thrive without damaging the natural environment.

Carmen van den Berg


I am happy to be working on the solution to our sustainability challenge with such a dedicated team.

Federica Gerber


We’re only borrowing this planet from future generations so let’s protect it by contributing to meaningful policy developments.

Luc van Nuffel

Associate Consultant

I appreciate working with a young team on policy proposals that contribute to a better future for our children.