• Client: European Environment Agency (EEA)
  • Implementation period: 2016 - 2016 (Ongoing)
  • Geographic coverage: European Union

How can a better knowledge base and forward-looking information on systemic sustainability transitions help inform future policy-making?

The overall objective of the project is to support building knowledge base and platform for forward-looking information (PFLI).

More specifically, during Task 1, the EEA will be provided with the support needed to analyse and technologically enhance the existing PFLI website and provide for a better recognition and visibility of EIONET NRC FLIS experts skills and expertise at country and at EU/EEA level.

The overall objective of Task 2 is to produce five background papers that approach the themes of systemic ‘transformations’ and ‘transitions’ from a range of academic perspectives, explaining the core concepts and describing the transdisciplinary knowledge, governance approaches and competencies that are needed to effect systemic change. The EEA would like to publish the background papers, together with an introductory chapter, early in 2017.