• Client: European Environment Agency
  • Implementation period: 2017 - 2018 (Ongoing)
  • Geographic coverage: European Union

How resilient is the European energy system to future climate change?

This project aims to address a perceived gap in the consideration of climate change adaptation in energy policy and in investments in the energy system. It will consider climate impacts such as increases in extreme weather events, temperature increases, sea level rise, wind and water levels and availability; and will it look at the risks and vulnerabilities across the energy system from production and transportation, to storage and consumption. The goal of the work will be to support the EEA in its contributions to improving resilience to climate change impacts within the European energy system.

We will produce a scoping paper on adaptation and the European energy system based primarily on a desk-based review of literature and which addresses the following key issues:

  • The specific challenges, risks and vulnerabilities that the European energy system faces due to climate change;
  • An overview of current policy responses that address adaptation of the European energy system;
  • Examples of existing good practice in the implementation of adaptation options; and,
  • A reflection on the future opportunities, options, costs and benefits for adaptation of the European energy system.

The project is led by Trinomics in collaboration with Arcadis. The project will run from September 2017 and will finish in 2018.