Evaluation of the Access to Energy Fund

Trinomics is pleased to contribute to the evaluation of the Dutch Access to Energy Fund (AEF) from the Dutch government (DGIS), which is managed by the Dutch Development Bank (FMO). In a team with associate experts from MDF and APE Public Economics (lead), Trinomics’ experts evaluate the fund’s operations up to 2016 and provide strategic…


Boosting Building Renovation: What potential and value for Europe?

Report: ipol_stu2016587326_en (4 MB)

Report: ipol_stu2016587326_en (4 MB) The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) of the European Paliament has published in October 2016 the paper titled ‘Boosting Building Renovation: What potential and value for Europe?’ authored by Trinomics. The paper consists of a thorough review of the state of the European building stock and assesses various policy…


Investigating the feasibility for a circular economy and secondary raw materials platform in the EU

As part of a consortium led by Technopolis Group and UCL, Trinomics will conduct research on identifying the key aspects and features of effective industrial symbiosis (IS) coordination intermediaries and assessing the feasibility of creating an EU-level platform that could contribute to a better exchange of secondary raw materials and an exchange of best practices…


Trinomics at Spanish energy poverty congress

Trinomics will be present during the first Catalan Congress on Energy Poverty. Jessica Yearwood, consultant  at Trinomics, will present the results of the project “Selecting Indicators to Measure Energy Poverty”, prepared for the European Commission’s DG Energy. The event will take place the 3rd and 4th of November at Fira Sabadell, Barcelona. For more information visit…


Transforming the EU power sector: avoiding a carbon lock-in

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published the report on the low carbon transition in the power sector in the European Union. This report, prepared with support from Trinomics, provides a better understanding of the theoretical evolution of fossil fuel capacity by 2030 and how this would contrast with the qualitatively different EU power sector needed in order to achieve EU climate…


Final report on the efficient functioning of waste markets for DG Environment, European Commission, published!

Report: waste_market_study (11 MB)

Report: waste_market_study (11 MB) On July 13, 2016 the European Commission has published its final report on the efficient functioning of waste markets in the European Union – legislative and policy options. This report, prepared by ARCADIS (lead partner) and Trinomics, provides a better understanding of the nature and extent of obstacles and regulatory failures affecting…


SCOT final conference on CO2 re-use

For the last three years, Trinomics has been part of the SCOT (Smart CO<sub>2</sub> Transformation) consortium, a collaborative European project in the area of CO<sub>2</sub> re-use. CO<sub>2</sub> re-use is a broad term that covers a variety of innovative industrial processes which use CO<sub>2</sub> from point source emitters (and in the future from direct air capture) as…


EEA report on ‘Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016’ published today stresses the benefits of investing in long-term preventive measures that cities should take to improve their resilience

Report: Urban adaptation report (18 MB)

Report: Urban adaptation report (18 MB) The new EEA report on ‘Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016 — Transforming cities in a changing climate’ builds on and complements existing products and initiatives on urban adaptation in Europe, among others the case study reports prepared by Trinomics on developing urban case studies on synergies between…