Our economy is operating at the limits of what the earth can support. Population growth and emerging economies increase stress on natural resources, biodiversity, and ecosystems. The current trajectory is not sustainable and we need change to achieve a green, resource-efficient and circular economy that stays within the planetary boundaries. Environmental issues are complex, characterised by a multi-disciplinary character and need to be approached from an integrated systems perspective.

Trinomics provides consultancy expertise in environmental policy and strategy, particularly on the following four themes:

Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency

A circular economy and resource efficiency form the blueprint of a sustainable economy. Trinomics offers expertise on how to design and implement policies that support such a blueprint. Trinomics’ experts have assessed resource efficiency indicators, and have explored financial instruments and business models to advance the circular economy in sectors ranging from electronics, to plastics, to construction. Our expertise also covers the analysis of waste markets, and the provision of advice to the EU and national public authorities on waste management, legislation, and policies such as waste streams and recycling.

Green Economy – Green Growth, Green Jobs & Skills

Governments, industries and civil society are turning their attention towards achieving a green economy. Trinomics tries to pave the way for a green economy that is socially inclusive and environmentally sound. We provide policy advice to support the scaling up of green jobs and the boosting of human capital. We have developed a conceptual framework for green growth and are actively supporting clients in “greening” their practices and policies.

Biodiversity and Natural Capital

Clean water, clean air, fertile soil and food are invaluable for human kind. Biodiversity and ecosystems offer us services that both determine our well-being and possess high economic value. Trinomics has expertise in analysing the economics of ecosystem services. We have extensive technical and policy know-how on biodiversity conservation and green infrastructure policies and their implementation at the EU, national, regional and local levels.

Blue Economy & Blue Growth 

Marine ecosystems are a potentially major source of new jobs, growth and environmental benefits. We support policymakers in their efforts to develop forward-looking legislation that fosters the blue economy. We are well-versed in assessing existing and future water and marine policies, research on the potential for financial instruments that stimulate blue growth, and studies connected to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation (see our expertise on ‘Climate Change’).