Lisa Eichler is a Senior Consultant at Trinomics

Lisa Eichler’s main expertise centres on policy, economic and financial analysis (incl. impact assessment, cost-benefit analysis, evaluation) of topics relevant for the transition towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. In particular, Lisa’s main interest and experience over the past 10 years focuses on climate change adaptation and its interlinkages with disaster risk and resilience, as well as natural capital / green infrastructure. For example, Lisa is currently managing a European Commission (DG ENV) project on supporting the implementation of green infrastructure across Europe. Another relevant project Lisa recently managed developed an innovative modelling approach (using IO and CGE models) for assessing the direct and indirect economic, social and environmental impacts of climate extremes in Europe. Lisa has also worked intensively on climate change mitigation topics ranging from RES/climate finance to EU ETS and carbon market related projects. For example, Lisa recently finished a project for the European Commission (DG CLIMA) on shifting private sector finance towards climate-friendly investments.

Lisa’s ability to organise, her eye for planning and timing, and her eagerness to deliver excellent results allow her to succeed in working with multi-disciplinary international project teams, as well as represent the consortium towards the client. More generally, Lisa has been leading the acquisition and implementation of various complex projects as well as framework contracts over the last seven years for various international clients supporting them in their development of policies and instruments for climate policy interventions, also involving stakeholder consultation. Prior to her role at Trinomics, Lisa worked as a consultant in ECORYS’ Energy & Environment unit, in the climate policy and carbon market department of EcoSecurities, as well as for Bernstein & Associates environmental law firm based in Brussels and the UNDP’s Disaster Risk Reduction Unit in Geneva. Lisa also has an academic background as a teaching assistant at Duke University, USA, where she also earned her Master of Science in Environmental Management and Masters of Arts in Global Public Policy at Duke University, USA.


Recent projects