Jurgen Vermeulen is Senior Consultant and Business Development Manager at Trinomics

Jurgenjurgen Vermeulen is an expert in the field of environmental & industrial policy. With a degree in international economics (MSc.), he is an economist by education and has in his consulting career specialised in analysing the functioning of markets, sectors, supply chains and value chains in particular in relation to environmental and sustainability issues (waste, resource efficiency, energy efficiency). For example, he has conducted a number of projects in the field of waste markets and the uptake of waste as a resource for European industry (e.g. the potential of industrial symbiosis for improving the competitiveness of EU industry). He also contracted valuable experience in the field of competitiveness analyses and knows how to study the impact of regulation on industries, for example through a recent project (2014) for the European Commission to establish and quantify the international interlinkages between services and industry sectors in the EU. Lastly, as international economist he has applied his trade policy expertise in the context of EU trade agreements, most recently as deputy team leader for the sustainability impact assessment of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

He possesses strong project management skills from the experience of several deputy team leader positions on €100k+ projects for the EC. Overall, he is an all-round public policy research consultant with strong quantitative (input-output analyses, large database management) and qualitative (surveys, interviewing, focus groups) research skills that he has developed and further sharpened in numerous research and consultancy projects for public and private clients.


Recent projects