Hans Bolscher is a Senior Consultant at Trinomics

Hans (1960) is a Dutch economist and senior consultant. He is the former director Climate and Industry at the Ministry of Environment at the Dutch government, and was Director CCS for the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Since he is deeply involved in the discussions on climate, energy, climate finance and sustainable energy. Hans is working most often as project director, senior expert or quality manager on major European or national projects.

Hans has started his career in Africa (Sudan/Uganda) as project leader for MSF (Médecins Sans Frontiers) and later in the management team for IDA, a Pharmaceutical company for the developing world. He has always operated in managing positions or as project leader on the cutting edge between Business and Sustainability. Also his education (both development and business economist, Free University Amsterdam), reflects this dual approach. His next step, as director for Max Havelaar in the field of Fair Trade (almost 10 years), also combines sustainability and business. In 2002 he moved for a government position, first as director for the Immigration Service (IND), then as Director for Climate and Industry for the Ministry for Environment (VROM). He headed several inter-departmental and international project groups on Climate policy, climate finance and other international environmental issues. His before last position was as project director for Carbon Capture and Storage to build the Dutch CCS policy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Hans is currently working as an associate senior partner at Trinomics, he recently conducted several key investigations on climate finance and mobilised climate finance for EC and Dutch Government. He is a leading international expert in both the methodological and the policy side of climate finance. Hans is still highly involved in the international and European debate on climate, energy and environment. Next to fluency in English, German and French, he has a working knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish.


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